IP Address

IP Geolocation

Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

Comuna 1

Buenos Aires

-34.6036, -58.38156


25 Jul, 2024 07:40 AM

UTC -03:00


Akamai International B.V.


(T1) Data Center/Transit

(54) 011

Buenos Aires (ARBA0009)


(CDN) Content Delivery Network


(IAB19-11) Data Centers

Proxy Detection






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JSON Response
    "ip": "",
    "country_code": "AR",
    "country_name": "Argentina",
    "region_name": "Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires",
    "district": "Comuna 1",
    "city_name": "Buenos Aires",
    "latitude": -34.6036,
    "longitude": -58.38156,
    "zip_code": "C1871",
    "time_zone": "-03:00",
    "asn": "20940",
    "as": "Akamai International B.V.",
    "isp": "Akamai International B.V.",
    "domain": "akamai.com",
    "net_speed": "T1",
    "idd_code": "54",
    "area_code": "011",
    "weather_station_code": "ARBA0009",
    "weather_station_name": "Buenos Aires",
    "mcc": "-",
    "mnc": "-",
    "mobile_brand": "-",
    "elevation": 17,
    "usage_type": "CDN",
    "address_type": "Anycast",
    "ads_category": "IAB19-11",
    "ads_category_name": "Data Centers",
    "continent": {
        "name": "South America",
        "code": "SA",
        "hemisphere": [
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "country": {
        "name": "Argentina",
        "alpha3_code": "ARG",
        "numeric_code": 32,
        "demonym": "Argentines",
        "flag": "https:\/\/cdn.ip2location.io\/assets\/img\/flags\/ar.png",
        "capital": "Buenos Aires",
        "total_area": 2780400,
        "population": 46621847,
        "currency": {
            "code": "ARS",
            "name": "Argentine Peso",
            "symbol": "$"
        "language": {
            "code": "ES",
            "name": "Spanish"
        "tld": "ar",
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "region": {
        "name": "Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires",
        "code": "AR-C",
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "city": {
        "name": "Buenos Aires",
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "time_zone_info": {
        "olson": "America\/Argentina\/Buenos_Aires",
        "current_time": "2024-07-25T07:40:45-03:00",
        "gmt_offset": -10800,
        "is_dst": false,
        "sunrise": "07:51",
        "sunset": "18:08"
    "geotargeting": {
        "metro": null
    "is_proxy": false,
    "proxy": {
        "last_seen": 24,
        "proxy_type": "DCH",
        "threat": "-",
        "provider": "-",
        "is_vpn": false,
        "is_tor": false,
        "is_data_center": true,
        "is_public_proxy": false,
        "is_web_proxy": false,
        "is_web_crawler": false,
        "is_residential_proxy": false,
        "is_consumer_privacy_network": false,
        "is_enterprise_private_network": false,
        "is_spammer": false,
        "is_scanner": false,
        "is_botnet": false

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