Manage Your Data With Us (Including Making A "Do Not Sell My Info" Request) values your privacy.

The California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") provides California residents with the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information (or “Personal Data”) by a business to third parties, subject to certain exceptions as permitted by law. To exercise your rights where operates as a business, please fill out and submit the form below complete with required fields (*).

The CCPA also provides California Residents additional rights over their Personal Data, as described in our Privacy Policy. Additional jurisdictions, including the European Union, through the General Data Protection Act, and the UK also provide data subjects with the ability to exercise certain rights over their information. All of these rights are described in our Privacy Policy. If you wish to exercise these rights and are a resident of a relevant jurisdiction, please fill out the below form:

If entering multiple IP addresses please separate them by a comma.
If you do not know your IP Address, you can go to this page to see what IP address we see for your device.

Please note that we may need additional information to verify your request, as discussed in our Privacy Policy. We will notify you via email if this is so.

Finally, please note that we may automatically collect your existing IP address for verification.

* Please note: If your request relates to all of your data, you may experience issues using some of our customers’ services. For example, if a streaming service cannot identify your location, they may not offer you content, or offer you more restricted content. We recommend that we retain the country your IP address is associated with (for example, Belgium) to minimize this interruption. To be clear, if you select this option as part of a deletion or "do not sell my information" request, we will only retain two points of information in our database: your IP address and the country name associated with the IP address.

As these rights are only prescribed in certain jurisdictions, we reserve the right to request additional information to confirm you reside in or are otherwise subject to the laws of one of the relevant jurisdictions.